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If ever there was a classy escort model, then it definitely should be Krisha. She is actually a symbol of class and has a really good taste. Some such girls come our way every time in a while, and they are always happy to display them. They are never demanding, always get good feedback and do not look back at their customers, so that they are mentally tried to pay attention to the level of service they are providing. With Krisha you get a great, informal and fully dedicated service. That's why she charges a premium price. That is the fact that she certainly looks the way she looks.

Krisha's appearance is fantastic to say the least. She is not very young, which is another thing that makes her very popular, yet she keeps a completely tone and fit body. It is not easily earned, not when you spend a lot of time on fine food and alcohol, but she does a bit to ensure that her care remains on the career track. She is mostly in the gym, and she also runs around Hyde Park. She realizes that it stimulates her brain as much as he keeps her body in good shape. We love a professional maintenance in all aspects of our life!

Krisha will be happy to invite you to your luxury apartment, where you can place each other's company on a nice bottle of champagne. She is also eager to come to your hotel, especially if it is a classy! She loves dinners and all night long for all the big expenditures there. Krisha is happy to be ready according to your date. If you are going somewhere special, please do not be backward about coming forward with your expectations. Give us a phone and we'll meet you both together!

  • Name: Krisha
  • Age: 21
  • Height: 5"6'
  • Education: Graduate
  • Size: 36-28-36


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