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Zara is the type of Russian girl that you constantly co-workers on your coffee in the morning. You sit in the coffee shop and just cannot concentrate. She has that addictive attraction, that sexy supernatural that can never be understood; you have either received or you have not. Well, take a look at these photos and try to paint a scene where you settled on such a young woman from Russia, and we are sure that you will agree.

Zara enjoys shopping, eating and maintaining, so it would be fair to say that she is absolutely right for this business. She always looks spectacular, it does not matter where she is going; Or is not really going! You see, Zara is a great believer in her very good looks, even if she is staying for a booking in her wonderful cozy apartment. You could not have liked the tall, slim brunette, did you? If you can get a better young maintenance, then we strongly recommend that you book it and have a lot of fun!

If you are looking for a very reliable, very capable and confident young fellow, then Zara is a great choice. Some of you may be interested in knowing that Zara is also a bi-sexual relationship, and it makes you an excellent choice for those who like to book escort for couples. She is available for most days in most days and nights. If you have any questions about yourself, or please feel free to contact about your booking requirements.

  • Name: Zara
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5" 7'
  • Education: Graduate (Russia)
  • Size: 35-27-36


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